About us

We work in close cooperation with national and international partners, to prevent cyber related incidents and limit the damage in case they occur. We do so by enhancing the level of knowledge about cyber security, by advising our constituents and by responding in cases of crises or incidents related to cybercrime. Also our goal is  to create awareness of the importance of cyber security in general. CARICERT is sponsered by the Curaçao Bureau Telecommunication and Post (BT&P) In the past ten years cybercrime and cyber related incidents have dramatically increased. The use of the internet has become part of our daily routine: working, banking, shopping, socializing. Furthermore many processes within our organizations are increasingly relying on the internet. We enjoy the limitless possibilities of the world wide web, but are also more vulnerable because of it. To be and stay safe, we must make policies and install safety tools. On a national level, most of the countries in the world have a Computer Emergency Response Team, providing prevention, detection and incident handling services. As of March 13, 2012, Curaçao has its very own CERT, aiming to assist the countries and organizations in the Caribbean area to maintain a safe digital world.
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