As a young CERT, we have to focus on several services. At the moment these are  Prevention  and  Detection . Once we are up and running and fully operational, we will also be active in the field of  Incident Handling  and  Advice .


Our constituents and other target groups are each responsible for their own systems and networks. However, CARICERT helps to prevent possible cyber incidents to increase or maintain digital security. We do so by sharing information, publishing relevant information and advisories, organizing workshops and meetings and having regular meetings with our constituents and cooperation partners. Also we try to create awareness with computer users at home and in businesses. We translate knowledge from other (international) partners into operational and practical recommendations for our constituents.


Detection means that, with the help of the international community, we detect and register cyber related incidents. Also, we will be available for our constituent and other CERTs to report incidents. In the longer run, we will provide incident handling to our constituents. This means we will not only register and inform, but we will also be available to solve problems and use our knowledge and the international connections to be able to handle incidents and at least decrease the damage they can cause. Last but not least, we are aiming to provide governments, the international community and the market with policy advice, based on the knowledge and experience we have obtained in the field. Our practical knowledge must result in better prevention and incident handling on a higher level and for the long term.

Incident handling

In the near future we will also provide incident handling for our constituents. This means we will not only register and inform, but we will also be able to solve problems by using our knowledge and the international connections to handle incidents or at least limit the damage they might cause.


We will eventually advice our constituents, both proactive and reactive, concerning their security. We will have insight in their operational systems and thus can be alert when it comes to threats and vulnerabilities. We can translate (inter)national information and developments to their specific situation. We help them on request if they need us to. We can also act as an information broker and link them to international partners to find help or advice.

Note: this component is only available for the blocks: platinum