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National Cyber Security Awareness

CARICERT is working to raise the national cyber security awareness by sharing knowledge about how computer and internet users can prevent cyber security attacks. Internet is easy to access and is open for everybody, but the use of internet has some security risks. Why do we need to work on prevention? In computers just like in humans it is better to prevent than to cure. Keeping a computer healthy is similar to keeping a human being healthy because it is an ongoing process. If you do not keep it up eventually the health of your computer will deteriorate. This will make it more vulnerable to attack. On this page CARICERT offers all computer users information on how to protect their computers, how to use the internet in a safe way, and how to recognize computer threats and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, you can find alerts about incidents and vulnerabilities in software. The information here will provide you guidelines for keeping your computer clean and keeping you safe online. Choose each subject for further reading and to learn more about the threats and measures to take.

What to do in case of an information security incident? (What to do when it is too late)

Each personal computer is different. There is not one guide to fix all issues on all computers. There are different brands, different models and different versions of software. Also, every computer owner has different software on his/her computer for personal use. That’s why it’s called a Personal Computer (PC). If you suspect that you have become a victim of a cyber-attack or attempt, or your computer is performing slow, sometimes crashes with blue screen, restarts itself or behaving in any way that you did not initiate, you can do the following: Check our guidelines for General Public: “PC protection” and ”Internet Safety”. Be sure you have performed all these steps. When you have performed all preventive measures (even though these are “preventive” measures they can help correct a problem) and still the problems are not solved you can contact:
  • Your computer reseller; They should have the expertise to guide you through the problems with the computer.
  • Any computer services and repair shop. These companies have specialists that know how to search and fix problems, or search and remove virus/malware.
  • You can seek help at your Internet Service Provider (ISP):
    • UTS Phone number: 9242
    • Digicel phone number: 736-1056
    • Scarlet phone number :766-0000 / option 3 (Office Hours) or option 5 (After Office Hours)
    • Flow phone number : 747-6353
    • TRES Networks phone number: 840-3333
If there are any complaints about the product or support of your reseller, computer repair shop or ISP you can contact Fundashon pa Konsumidó . If you have any questions about the guidelines on our website, report a cyber-security incident, or have a suspicion that you have become a victim of a cybercrime please contact Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post: Address: Beatrixlaan 9, Curacao Telephone: Phone number: 9222 option 1 (please mention that you have a complaint on Cyber Security Incident (Problema ku Seguridad di kòmpiuter) E-mail:
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